How to furnish for downsizing

So it’s time to downsize, the decision alone is a tough one to make. Time to leave the 4000 sq ft home you raised your family in, let go of the “stuff” you have collected over the years, and if you’re anything like me, maybe even time to get rid of the bins of lego…OK so I’m not quite ready to do that yet. I’ve been doing this a really long time, so I know what it’s like to watch all these young families buying their large homes and then setting out to buy furniture to fill all this space. In a world of oversize furniture, it does sometimes feel like downsizing may prove to be difficult. But not so, first there are some pretty fabulous builders out there offering some amazing floor plans to suit your new lifestyle. Floor plans and furniture is where I can certainly help, just because we’re getting a bit older and downsizing doesn’t mean we still don’t love fashion and style. There are plenty of superior furniture manufacturers catering to exactly this market, smaller framed pieces that don’t over power the space yet still big on style. I can’t say it enough, get a floor plan done, knowing what will fit in your space before you set out shopping will prove to be a huge help. If you have the plans from your builder, send them to me, we can work right from the plans. Let’s find what fits, what your style is, what you are comfortable in , then comes the fun part, colors and fabrics and yes it is fun! Downsizing is a great stage in life, let’s work together and eliminate the stress of furniture shopping.

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