Outdoor Living

I recently attended the GTA Home and Reno Show where I was lead design consultant for the model home constructed by Bonneville Homes. There were quite a few exhibitors all sharing their knowledge and showing off their latest products for 2017. I was especially interested in outdoor furniture, I have a vast knowledge of indoor furniture but I must admit my knowledge of  outdoor furniture was very limited. Some of the best advice I received was pick it up, seriously pick up the end of the sofa, chair or sectional you are thinking of putting in your outdoor space, if it has good weight to it and it can’t be lifted by a 3 year old then chances are it is made well. Next if you are looking at a woven set, try and put your finger through the weave, yup that’s right try and poke at it, if it’s the cheap stuff you will probably feel you can poke a hole right through it. Things I never thought to do but certainly made sense to me. I was so impressed by the knowledge provided to me by Niagara Outdoor Living, that I have now signed on to be the design consultant for their outdoor living spaces. Outdoor spaces are so important to today’s lifestyle, larger spaces often need the same planning and layouts as the indoor rooms. So if you are looking for some design advice just send me a message to deborah@niagaraoutdoorliving.com.

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