Guest Room or Cottage Bunkie

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First let me start by saying I can not believe how long it has been since I last posted. I was lead design consultant for the GTA Home and Reno show, and have been run off my feet ever since. Between custom draperies and buying furniture for clients, I have not had a minute to post a thing,  and I have loved every second of this crazy schedule. Now let’s discuss the cottage bunkie, guest room or maybe even kids room. I am a huge fan of twin beds, and these days there is a ton available. Twin beds have always been popular in Italy and many European countries, maybe that’s where I became so fond of them(you gotta know how much I love Italy). The photo shown here is a guest room I recently did for a client, although there were 6 bedrooms in total, I knew it would be great to have twin beds in one of the spare rooms. A twin bed was always a piece of furniture we thought belonged in kids rooms, and yes they are still great in kids rooms, but as you can see here, these twin beds from Bernhardt are simply fabulous in a spare bedroom. Custom draperies and simple bedding complimented the clean lines of the upholstered beds. The accent chest is from Hooker Furniture. I love shopping for the perfect furniture for my clients. saves the client a lot of time, so if you would rather spend your time relaxing and enjoying the cottage and the gorgeous summer weather ahead, contact me for assistance with your next project,



dr-drapesFinally I am back from our fabulous Italy vacation. I read along time ago that once you travel to Italy once, it then becomes your passion. I have been going every year for the past 10 years, and I couldn’t agree more! I especially love when I can combine my two passions, decorating and Italy. I must admit, even when I am on vacation I go in to every furniture and home decor store I find. The Italians just have a way with fashion, and I can’t help but notice, simplicity seems to work best. Designing this dining room for my  Burlington client I knew simplicity would be the way to go. Dining room table and chairs are solid wood, Canadian made by Bermex, the cabinet is from the always fabulous Hooker Furniture. The fabric I selected for the drapes is a simple white light weight fabric with just enough bling in the silver starburst pattern, to bring out the bling in the fixtures. Not a lot of fuss in extra furniture pieces, clean and simple works best. I loved how the custom drapes added the elegant finishing touch!!

If you are in need of interior decorating services, assistance with furniture selection, room plans or custom drapes do not hesitate to contact me,, servicing the GTA and Niagara Region.

Information and Inspiration


A client asked me the other day why I started Casa Castelli, the easiest way for me to explain, information and inspiration. I have always been passionate about the furniture industry, guess I can thank my Dad for that. I love helping clients find the perfect furniture choices for their homes, I like the challenge of looking at a picture they send me, from their favourite magazine, or Pinterest or Houzz or Instagram, and then searching to find them what they are looking for. I am not a retailer, I do not own a store, I encourage all my clients to shop local and support your local retailer. I know product, and suppliers and who makes what, and where to find it locally. Face it, most of you have extremely busy lives, isn’t it great to have someone like me here to do the leg work for you, completely free. I am very fortunate to have the support of some great retailers and fabulous suppliers as I continue to share my furniture knowledge with you. So the next time you find yourself looking at rooms that inspire you, and you just want to know -“who makes it”- “and where can I buy it”, please contact me, that’s what I’m here for.

Oh and this beautiful room scene, is from the always inspirational Hooker Furniture.