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I recently attended the GTA Home and Reno Show where I was lead design consultant for the model home constructed by Bonneville Homes. There were quite a few exhibitors all sharing their knowledge and showing off their latest products for 2017. I was especially interested in outdoor furniture, I have a vast knowledge of indoor furniture but I must admit my knowledge of  outdoor furniture was very limited. Some of the best advice I received was pick it up, seriously pick up the end of the sofa, chair or sectional you are thinking of putting in your outdoor space, if it has good weight to it and it can’t be lifted by a 3 year old then chances are it is made well. Next if you are looking at a woven set, try and put your finger through the weave, yup that’s right try and poke at it, if it’s the cheap stuff you will probably feel you can poke a hole right through it. Things I never thought to do but certainly made sense to me. I was so impressed by the knowledge provided to me by Niagara Outdoor Living, that I have now signed on to be the design consultant for their outdoor living spaces. Outdoor spaces are so important to today’s lifestyle, larger spaces often need the same planning and layouts as the indoor rooms. So if you are looking for some design advice just send me a message to deborah@niagaraoutdoorliving.com.

Beach Boho – GTA Home and Reno Show


As lead design consultant for this year’s model home at the GTA Home and Reno show, I needed to have a design style to get the project started. The model home is from the Micro-Natur series by Bonneville Homes, proving that “good things do come in small packages”. Designed to have living space that “makes one with nature”, it is an absolute must to have furniture that has organic elements, with casual relaxing comfort. Beach boho is a natural fit, allowing the weekend comforts of beach living to mix with the colors and patterns of a boho lifestyle. Just a few of my choices are shown here, I don’t want to give it all away.  Visit the GTA Home and Reno show, Feb 17- 20 at the International Centre in Mississauga.

Start with the perfect piece of furniture


Decorating solutions are tailored to each client’s unique style. Finding inspiration to get your home decorating project started can come from so many different places. One of my favourite ways to get the project started, is to find that perfect piece of furniture. My source of inspiration, for this renovated family room, was the ever fabulous Delano chest from Hooker Furniture. I wanted to create a formal yet comfortable space, with a refined rustic feel. The Delano chest was just what we needed, it is the focal piece in the room and offers a wonderful storage solution for the board games this family enjoy so much. The room came together with great ease, using the warm colors of the Delano chest. A neutral palette of soft grey, beiges and creams, blanket the room in serenity. Now at the end of their crazy busy days, this family of 5 can slow down and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Thanks again Hooker Furniture for constantly being a source for design inspiration.

Counter Stool or Bar Stool


With the Holiday season fast approaching many of you are thinking of all the entertaining and hosting of family diners in your future. You are probably asking yourself where is everyone going to sit? Well it’s normal for the kitchen island to be the source of the add on extra sitting when the dining table just doesn’t seat all your guests. I’ve been selling furniture for a long time, and over the years can’t help but notice there is always a confusion on what height of stool you really need. Use this is a guideline, if you measure from the floor up, and your counter top height is approximately 36″ then you need a 24″ counter height stool. If you measure from the ground up and your counter top height is approximately 42″ then you need a 30″ bar stool. oct-27-am-2Now you will ask yourself do you want swivel or not. That is a personal choice, if you are going to use swivel keep in mind who and how will it be used. Swivel stools sometimes weigh a lot so moving them in and out of place can be difficult for some people. Also if the swivel stools have a back and you have counter tops that can get damaged, well let’s just say I had a client whose teenagers kept swivelling the stools and hitting the counters, so who and how your counter stools are being used is important.oct-27-am-3Back or no back? Let’s face it the kitchen island is just a great place to hang out. Some people think a back provides extra comfort, personally I’m Ok either way as long as I’m sipping on a great glass of wine, and enjoying the company of family and friends. If the overhang of your kitchen island is not very deep, or if your island is where there is a lot of traffic flow, then a stool with no back that easily tuck under the counter is a great idea.oct-27-lexThere is no doubt in your hunt for the perfect counter or bar stool you are going to see a wide range of prices. So many things will be part of your decision. I recently worked with a client, who when I first suggested a kitchen counter stool that was $1100 per stool, they nearly choked saying”I am not paying that for a kitchen stool”. When I work on design projects I carefully pick and choose where the client should or should not spend a little extra, for this client the kitchen island was huge, in the centre of the home, and a very important gathering point for their lifestyle. So we spent the extra, bought the $1100 stools and the results are amazing.oct-27-hk-5Kitchen islands, bars, casual dining , whatever you need a counter or bar stool for ,rest assured you will find what you are looking for. If you need something with a cottage feel, or does your taste say industrial and modern, there are endless options from some pretty fabulous furniture suppliers. If you are overwhelmed by the choice and just want a little advice do not hesitate to contact me, I’ll be happy to help.


Advice is free


I love furniture, can’t help it, I just do. I enjoy working with clients on floor plans and giving them inspiration on how to turn their dreams into reality. Good quality furniture is so important, we spend so much time in our homes with family and friends, your space is a reflection of you, your space should make you feel good every time you walk in it. This room is from Lexington Furniture, classic sleek lines and timeless design. Easy on the eye colors, great for a bit more formal space. Would you like to use any of these furniture pieces as a starting point, need some help completing the look, contact me, my personal furniture shopping service is absolutely free, I’ll even do a space planner to make sure our fabulous furniture choices work in your home. I look forward to hearing from you, deborah@casacastelli.com