Stylistically Perfect Room



I have so many great things to say about this absolutely stylistically perfect room scene from CRLaine Furniture. Avoiding predictability their combination of bold patterns exercises the eyes to create an energetic living space. The furniture arrangement is simple and straightforward yet the mixture of color, texture and pattern is eye-catching in unexpected ways. The playful design of the sofa, the bold color on the toss pillows and the animal print on the chairs pull together to radiate happiness. One of my favourite things about CRLaine is their no fear policy when it comes to playing with color. Of course my other favourite thing is quality, quality, quality! Shown above is the Colchester Sofa, 8 way hand tied , creating an uber comfy long lasting sofa, and at 87.5″L X 37D X 39H it is easy to fit in most living spaces. The Elle chair (shown in the leopard print) is new to CRLaine, it has wonderful optional finishes on the arms, is 30″W x 36″D X 33.5″H and I must say makes quite a statement as shown. The Pierce wing chair offers a modern edge to the space with it’s clean straight lines, which are complemented by the plaid fabric, 29″W x 33″D x 48″H, perfectly proportioned for the room.  The Terrance ottoman is also new to CRLaine, has optional sizes to choose from and is available in both leather and fabric making it the perfect finishing touch to the room, put your feet up or put your drink down a cocktail ottoman is always a good choice. So just want to say thanks to CRLaine for showing us to be brave, have some fun with your fabric choices the results will make you smile!!! If you have any questions on where this fabulous furniture is available in the G.T.A just let me know I will be happy to send you to your local retailer.

Great Canadian Suppliers

white nov 12

I am always thrilled when a client wants to support our Great Canadian Suppliers. We in the furniture industry are very fortunate to have so many wonderful Canadian products available to us. But first be very specific, if you are out furniture shopping on what you are asking for, a Canadian supplier of furniture does not always mean made in Canada. If it is important to you to have it made in Canada then tell your sales associate exactly that, if all you ask for is a Canadian supplier, then it says something completely different. In my 28 years of selling furniture I will say this, any of the Canadian suppliers I have dealt with have been fantastic. The sofa in this photo is from Decor-Rest, a well known, excellent quality manufacturer since 1972, and their upholstery is made in North America. Decor-Rest has a wide selection of products and styles to choose from, with a fashion forward selection of fabrics. The chair is from Brentwood, again an excellent Canadian supplier, and also made in Canada. Comfort, style, durability all part of the selections available from Brentwood. The bedroom set and dining room set are again Canadian suppliers, Canadian made and both offer solid wood products. The dining room is Bermex, with so many options it is impossible to list, the bedroom is Durham Furniture, a name you can trust. The rug and ottoman are both from Surya, a company with a Canadian office, with absolutely fabulous product with amazing customer service, but not made in Canada, so this is why I say be specific in what you are asking for. My experience has given me the opportunity to meet many of the owners, sales reps and factory workers for numerous Canadian suppliers, be confident in the fact that you are supporting some very hard working, talented and proud people.

To buy or not to buy fabric protection?

rb-nov 2

OK so anyone who knows me will tell you I have no problem sharing my opinions. So after a lengthy career in home furnishing retail I have no doubt formed an opinion on purchasing fabric protection plans. You’ve made some choices and have bought the furniture, now your sales person throws the “would you like to buy fabric protection” at you. Most people are inclined to say no to after market warranties, so here is my thoughts please say yes to fabric protection. Why? think about it for a minute, it doesn’t cost much and it does give a stain protection on that gorgeous furniture you just paid a good buck for. Your family may know the rules about no food or drinks on the new furniture but do your guests, do you like to entertain, enjoy a glass of red wine, maybe you have children, let’s face accidents happen, why risk it. So now you want to know do these plans really work, so again in my opinion, absolutely yes. I have had the opportunity to work in different retail environments, some stores who spray the furniture before delivery and some offering a dry warranty. What is the difference, well when your furniture is sprayed the fabric is lightly misted with the fabric protection, at this point please ask if the manufacturer will still warranty the fabric against normal wear and tear, usually if there is an after market product sprayed the answer is no. However typically warranty on fabric from the manufacturer is only one year, and in 28 years of furniture retail I have never had a complaint on the fabric wearing out in just one year. To add to that, typically fabric stain protection is 5 years against stains, so weigh it out are you more likely to wear out the fabric in a year, or more likely to get a stain on it in 5 years. Now lets discuss dry warranty, usually it has the same coverage, there is just no spaying of the furniture, ask your sales person about this option every store has their own services they provide. Let me tell you why I am a fan, I have seen a one year old get sauce on a brand new ottoman, it was 100% replaced when the stain did not come out, I have had a client with that infamous red wine stain on the arm of a one day old white tufted sofa, completely replaced, I have even seen a corner piece to sectional stained 3 years after purchase, the fabric was no longer available and the whole sectional was replaced. To sum it all up, please say yes to the fabric stain protection when it is offered to you, you will not regret it. Oh and just in case you are wondering where this fabulous room scene is from, it is made by Robin Bruce.

Shades of grey

bg wh-1

It has been a grey world for a while now in the home furnishing industry, and for very good reason. There is so much selection to choose from, grey really is a delight to work with. This design board plays a lot with pattern and shape, while keeping a monochromatic color scheme. The clean lines of the sofa from Sam Moore fits neatly into almost any modern family living space. Comfortable and perfectly proportioned, not too small, not too big and easy to mix in to a variety of design styles. As always when I am on the hunt for that perfect accent piece to pull a room together I turn to Hooker Furniture. The Melange cabinet was exactly what I needed to provide extra storage in this small sitting room. Once I started with the zig zag on the cabinet, it felt right to just keep it going, swirls on the lamp from Currey & Co and a geometric pattern on the rug from Loloi Rugs. So the basics are done , now here is the joy of grey, add some whimsy and color in extra toss pillows, or a textured throw for the sofa, or just drop in a large ottoman in perhaps a tufted turquoise leather. When a man sports a classic grey suit, the tie can be any color right?, then home decor should be the same. Sofas, rugs, lamps, accents, paint , there really is an abundance of shades of grey to choose from. If you want more design tips on how to incorporate this not so boring color  into your home, contact me I’ll be happy to help out.

Information and Inspiration


A client asked me the other day why I started Casa Castelli, the easiest way for me to explain, information and inspiration. I have always been passionate about the furniture industry, guess I can thank my Dad for that. I love helping clients find the perfect furniture choices for their homes, I like the challenge of looking at a picture they send me, from their favourite magazine, or Pinterest or Houzz or Instagram, and then searching to find them what they are looking for. I am not a retailer, I do not own a store, I encourage all my clients to shop local and support your local retailer. I know product, and suppliers and who makes what, and where to find it locally. Face it, most of you have extremely busy lives, isn’t it great to have someone like me here to do the leg work for you, completely free. I am very fortunate to have the support of some great retailers and fabulous suppliers as I continue to share my furniture knowledge with you. So the next time you find yourself looking at rooms that inspire you, and you just want to know -“who makes it”- “and where can I buy it”, please contact me, that’s what I’m here for.

Oh and this beautiful room scene, is from the always inspirational Hooker Furniture.

How to buy a sofa


cr-1122_0411Sounds simple enough right? We need a sofa, so just go buy one, not as easy as one might think. I would have to say, the majority of my projects start with purchasing a sofa. But honestly I tell everyone, choosing a great sofa is more about you than it is about the sofa. There are so so many styles, sizes and suppliers to choose from, there is no doubt we can find what you are looking first I like to know a bit about you, and how your daily life will affect the space you are buying the sofa for. Is there going to be a television in the room, do you have kids, or pets, or both. Do you entertain often, with large crowds gathering or maybe just intimate family gatherings. cr-2480_0413Is there someone in your family extremely tall, or maybe very petite. Sounds ridiculous to have all these questions but it does make a huge difference. Most clients are drawn to the look of an oversized sofa but keep in mind it’s not too easy for those of us under 5’4″ to sit in these extra deep sofas. That being said if you want to create a great space for game night or teenagers to just hang, go for the big uber comfy frame. Always, and I mean always I tell my clients comfort is first, sitting up straight, flopping, lying down or cuddling, comfort , comfort, comfort!cr-1480_1014The space itself is very important. Cottage, condo, family room or the “no sit” sit room.   You may decide on an oversize sofa for your family room, but keep in mind just because you know it fits in the space, can you actually get it in the space, is there is easy access to the room. Like wise with condos, think of elevators and hallways. The cottage needs durable fabrics, that clean easily.

Now all of this is just how I start the project, the fun begins after we find the right sofa frame, now we choose colors, and play with textures, add area rugs and lamps, find the right chairs, like I said the fun part.

FYI all of the above sofas are from CRLaine, a truly great supplier of upholstery, made in the U.S.A. , with amazing fabric choices. Leather or fabric, skirted or not, nail trim or none…so many decisions. If you are looking for assistance with making the right choices for your next sofa purchase do not hesitate to contact me,, your free personal shopper for furniture.

Retro Revival


cr-7200_1014Want to create a modern masterpiece. I never like to get too locked in to the latest trend, but I must admit the revival of retro does make me happy. This Mad Men inspired decorating craze is actually quite easy to accomplish, with so many fabulous furniture suppliers making it fun and exciting to get the look you want. Start with the Sawyer Sofa from CrLaine Furniture, so many fabulous fabrics and colors to choose from and perfectly sized at 79W x 36D x 35H. Retro usually involves solid colors with not a lot of pattern, use deeper saturated tones. rowe-N780-006Keep some fluidity in your furniture selections, use pieces that have architectural elements. The Harris Chair from Rowe Furniture has everything you are looking for. Amazing quality and made in the U.S.A, size is 29W x 30D x 36H, great proportion for our sofa selection.sur-cos9092Add some abstract patterns to your toss pillows or as shown here in our area rug choice. From the Cosmopolitan collection from Surya Rugs, it is hand tufted and available in a variety of sizes. Just the right amount of pattern we are looking for and the saturated colors needed to keep it visually’t say enough good things about our final piece. The Studio 7H record player/ gaming console is exactly what our retro room needs. You would need to purchase your record player separately, but what a great piece of furniture, and perfectly finished in a low sheen walnut. Honestly just saying record player brings back so many great memories, the whole room makes me smile.

If you would like any further advice on furniture selections do not hesitate to contact me, and always remember to support your local retail store., your free personal shopper for furniture!!!!

Dramatic Appeal


hk-5700-90266roomThe Vintage West Collection from Hooker Furniture is rustic and yet refined. Each piece in this collection has beautiful details, one of my favourite go to manufacturers. Whether wanting an entire bedroom set, as seen in this photo, or maybe you just want to start with this dramatic bed, you won’t go wrong with this king panel bed. The Vintage West Collection has a dark charcoal finish and has wonderful silver accents, giving a very dramatic appeal. cr-2295SC_1012For a cozy reading space in this master suite I selected the Garrison Slip Cover chair from CRLaine. Shown in Chapman Linen, it is the perfect scale for the Vintage West collection from Hooker Furniture. The chair is 30W x 40.5D x 41H, not too large so a pair fits nicely in a reading corner or in front of a fireplace.lolo-EMOREB-01IVCC_lgLet’s complete our rustic and refined bedroom with an area rug from the Emory Collection by Loloi rugs. Power loomed and made in Turkey it is available in a variety of sizes. Shown in a charcoal and neutral color combination, it adds texture and visual interest to your master bedroom. If you would like more tips on furniture selection do not hesitate to contact me, my advice is free. I will always encourage you to shop at your local retail store for anything we select.

Advice is free


I love furniture, can’t help it, I just do. I enjoy working with clients on floor plans and giving them inspiration on how to turn their dreams into reality. Good quality furniture is so important, we spend so much time in our homes with family and friends, your space is a reflection of you, your space should make you feel good every time you walk in it. This room is from Lexington Furniture, classic sleek lines and timeless design. Easy on the eye colors, great for a bit more formal space. Would you like to use any of these furniture pieces as a starting point, need some help completing the look, contact me, my personal furniture shopping service is absolutely free, I’ll even do a space planner to make sure our fabulous furniture choices work in your home. I look forward to hearing from you,

Fashion Forward Color Palette


pall-seriesWorking with navy and orange is a fashion forward color palette. The Long Beach sectional from Palliser is available in both leather and fabric with different configurations available, great when trying to customize to fit your space. Nice clean contemporary lines, perfect for a sophisticated look yet comfortable for television viewing.furncl-24897_lgBring the outdoors in with this fabulous teak coffee table from Furniture Classics. Generously scaled at 51″ x 31″ it is a great choice for our navy and orange color scheme.lolo-ANASAF-07SALB_lgUnder foot I have selected a rug from the Anastasia Collection from Loloi Rugs. Not over powering and available in a wide variety of sizes , right up to 13′ x 18″ which is not that easy to find.lolo-P029P0118NVWHPIL3_lgTo add a bit of navy to the room, I have chosen a simple geometric print in navy and white. A touch of navy in the art work or in a lamp is also an easy way to bring in an accent color. pale-7060-85aJust had to have these chairs from Palecek , perfect for the colors we are working with and the bamboo frame continues the natural feel from the teak coffee table. So much fun to work with modern styles and earthy natural elements in furniture pieces.